Saturday, October 3, 2009

Left to Die

Oh gosh, must be on a thriller kick!! I think it's time to change genres for the next book :-)

Left to Die written by Lisa Jackson was another page turner.

A serial killer is on the loose. Four bodies have been found in the woods around Grizzly, Montana. Brutally tortured and left to die in the freezing cold...naked!

Their only clues.....the women have all been killed the exact same way with only a few clues left by the killer, himself.

One being cryptic notes that supposedly make up a phrase of which will eventually give them the clue to his identity and a star carved in the trunk above their heads.

But, the clues come sporadically, not in order.

Will the detectives find the killer before all the clues and, worse yet, victims are found?
What makes this even more exciting is the introduction of a copy cat trying to kill and have the blame fall on the original killer. But, the killer doesn't follow the serial killer's exact MO and messes up on the clues left behind.

The only thing I didn't like about the book was at the end.......you have to get the next book to find out who the serial killer is......but you do find out who the copycat killer is. But, it's been ordered from my library....so hopefully, I should find out soon! Chosen to Die is the sequel.

I'll definitely read more by Lisa Jackson.....not only because I liked her style...she's a native OREGONIAN!!!

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