Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sworn to Silence

Linda Castillo, another new to me author. While I enjoyed this book, I don't normally read thrillers but I wanted to read something outside the norm for me.

Basically, though, I checked it out because it had an Amish theme.

Synopsis (taken from FantasticFiction.com)

Kate Burkholder, who grew up in the Amish community of Painters Mill, Ohio, before leaving for the outside world and the study of law enforcement, has recently been appointed Chief of Police in her former hometown. Her knowledge of the Amish, their language and customs, makes her the perfect candidate. When a serial killer, whose spree sixteen years before was dubbed The Slaughterhouse Murders, returns with spectacular violence, Kate is determined to catch him. But she is also desperate to keep a secret from her past: the reason she fled the Amish world is that she was the young girl the killer attacked before disappearing - and she killed him in self defense. No one knows, except her Amish father and brother who helped bury the body. So who is behind the current murders? And what is the connection to Kate's past?

It does keep you going right to the end!!

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