Friday, March 27, 2009

Cape Refuge Series

Another great read!

I just finished, "Cape Refuge" by Terri Blackstock and am starting the second in this series, "Southern Storm".

What I like about reading a series is that you get to know the characters and when the book 'ends'....you know that when you pick up the next in the series, you will basically take up where the first book ended. You will get to stick with the same characters and be introduced to new characters. This is good if you really like the characters to begin with. The characters will become more and more familiar to you, so to speak as you watch their personalities evolve through out the series.

"Cape Refuge" is not only about a small coastal town and a homeless refuge called "Hanover House", but it also involves a double murder. Who did it? WHY? Was it someone visiting the town, was it one of the residents of the town?? You will constantly be wondering which person did it as suspicion gets cast on first one person and then the next.

I kind of figured it out towards the end, but it was still a good read! My first book my Terri Blackstock, but not my last.

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