Monday, January 30, 2012

Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever who saved him

Long title but good book!

Basically the story is about a soldier that returns from the war in Iraq, disabled, both mentally and physically.  He eventually enters a program where returning disabled soldiers are paired up with a service dog and the rest of the book is about that and how they are perceived out in public....how they aren't always welcomed because the man doesn't 'look' disabled....or blind.

The book delves into his experiences during the war, his dissatisfaction on how the war was handled by both Presidents Bush and Obama, so be forewarned if you can't take criticism of your political views.   I found his honesty of how things were handled hard to take at times because we always want to 'think' that our soldiers are being well taken care of....but he lets the readers know, up front and personal that this is not always the case.

It made me uncomfortable, at times, knowing the things he had to endure that weren't necessary....all because of politics and I found myself skipping over some parts because they did make me uncomfortable.  I don't normally read stories about war but found I had to in order to get the whole gist of the story he was trying to tell.

I just fell in love with Tuesday and I think you will too.  It will also enlighten you as to what a 'service' dog really does.  They are not only for the blind but also others that suffer from physical and mental disabilities.

Just be forewarned, it's not a 'feel good' book...although it has 'feel good' parts.....but, it will make you stop and think!


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Teri said...

One of my good friends is the Program manager at the SE branch of Canine Companions for Independence. Her hubby was in Desert Storm with Deane. It is a great program. We got to tour the training facility a few years ago. Fascinating...